Research Grants

No (Year) Project Title Donor Agency
  1 (2007) Holonomic mobile platform Senate Research Commitee (SRC)
  2 (2007) UAV ground control station dvelopment Centre for Research abd Development
  3 (2007) Autonomous power tiller for ploughing National Science Foundation (NSF)
  4 (2008) Smart wheelchair Sri Lanka Inventors Commission
  5 (2010) Elephant fence Department of Wildlife Conservation
  6 (2011) Demining robot National Engineering Research and Development Centre (NERDC)
  7 (2012) Satellite elephant collar Smithsonian institute / Centre for Conservation
  8 (2014) Hybrid UAV with quadrotor and fixed-wings National Research Council (NRC)
  9 (2014) Hierarchical quadrotor Senate Research Commitee, University of Moratuwa
10 (2015) Disaster management drone United Nationa Development Programme (UNDP)
11 (2017) Underwater robot Senate Research Council (SRC)
12 (2017) Vision based traffic sensing Innovation Quotient (Pvt) Ltd.





















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