Welcome to Dept. of Electronic & Telecomunication Engineering WebMail System
ENTC WebMail System offers all registered students (undergraduate and postgraduate), technical and administrative staff as well as the academic staff a secure and convenient way of accessing their mail from anywhere in the world.

It is necessary to stress here that WebMail system is only an alternative to your permanent mail clients that you will be using from your own machines to access mail via either POP3 or IMAP (E.g. Outlook, Eudora, pine etc.,). As such you should closely monitor your Mailbox so that it does not grow too much. (All students - Please keep this in mind always)
The connection to your mailbox from webclient consists of two links. First is from your web browser to ENTC Web Server. The second link is from the webserver to IMAP server. This second link has been setup so that it is ALWAYS accessed securely. (in an encrypted channel). The first link will also be secure if you access the system through this page.

Due to security considerations, please make sure that you bookmark ONLY this page when accessing ENTC WebMail System.