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Envoyage: ENTC-Stakeholder Forum on Fifty Years and Beyond

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Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (ENTC) of the University of Moratuwa celebrates its golden jubilee this year. Rise of the ENTC from its inception in 1969 to the current state of being the most sought-after department by the physical science students in Sri Lanka, the service its graduates have done to Sri Lanka in making Sri Lanka an advanced nation in telecommunication receive commendations. A careful examination reveals what made this journey possible is the intricate interdependence between the students, staff, alumni, and the industry. In this semi-centennial year, ENTC wishes to celebrate this bond and be energized for the journey forward at a get together of students, staff, alumni, and industry.

  • Date: Thursday, November 7, 2019
  • Time: 6:00 pm.
  • Venue: Eagles' Lakeside Banquet & Convention Hall in Attidiya

Guest session by Zone 24x7 CEO, Mr Llavan Fernando

Written by Sahani Goonetilleke.

Zone 24x7 CEO guest session

The 11th of June 2015 was a highly anticipated day for many aspiring ENTC undergraduates, owing to the special guest session conducted by none other than Mr Llavan Fernando, Founder/CEO of Zone 24x7 Pvt Ltd. Amidst his busy schedule he cordially accepted the invitation extended by the ENTC department to conduct the special guest session. The theme of the guest session being "Discover the Engineer in You" was open to all the students of the ENTC department. Mr. Llavan Fernando delivered a lively presentation sharing his personal experiences in the high - tech electronic industry especially that of his very own Zone 24x7. He rendered valuable insight from his personal overseas exposure as well as corporate policies that sustain his company in the forefront of the electronics industry. The global expansion and overseas collaboration of Zone 24x7 in addition to the advanced facilities, were in fact stepping stones in gaining wide recognition and a strong customer base. An overview of the progress of Zone 24x7 since its inception was showcased reminiscing its success story. In addition he shared his insight with regard to career guidance emphasizing the importance of selecting a respectable employer, through the example of the maltreatment of an engineer by an ignorant superior in a robot demonstration.
Another hot topic of interest for some was the job and internship opportunities at Zone 24x7. Present employees of Zone 24x7, Dr Sankalpa and others shared their personal experiences and valuable insight about the organization. Past as well as ongoing projects were interactively discussed. They included the renowned Braille smartphone for the blind and an inventory tracking robot and selected demo videos were also shown. The session concluded with the clarification of questions of the participants.
This session was of immense benefit to the participants who attended with high hopes, as a comprehensive coverage of various aspects with regard to Zone 24x7 were covered.


Expose Forum 2015

Written by Sanduni Premaratne.

Expose Forum; widely known among the University and the industrial community as the "E-Forum" is a platform intended to enhance the interaction between the three sectors; the academia, the undergraduates and the industry. It is in fact the most crucial event of the department, that being the arena where final year undergraduates showcase their final year projects to the personnel from the industry, and the industry shares its real world experiences and issues with the undergraduates and the academia.

Expose Forum 2015 was successfully held on 19th February at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall from 6.00 pm onward with the promised splendor and the escalated industrial participation. Vidya Jothi Professor K.K.Y.W. Perera, the Chancellor of University of Moratuwa, graced the occasion as the Guest of Honor whereas Professor A.K.W. Jayawardane, the Vice Chancellor of University of Moratuwa signified his presence as the Chief Guest at the event. 

Seven of the most successful final year projects that belonged to several focus areas, were presented by each group at the project presentation session. Keeping up the tradition, E-carrier; the official annual magazine of the department, was also released at the event. Main focus of the event was on the legendary Panel discussion, held as the monumental session of the entire event. Hemantha Jayawardane; COO and Executive director of Millenium IT, Dinesh Saparamadu; founder and CEO of hSenid group of companies, Sankalpa Gamwarige; General Manager of Zone 24x7, Ranjith Rubasinghe; CEO of Mobitel (pvt) Ltd and Eng. Kithsiri Samarasinghe; senior lecturer of the department, were the panelists for this year and Head of the Department Dr.Ajith Pasqual monitored the discussion.

The event met its successful conclusion after the felicitation ceremony which was held for the graduates and undergraduates with significant achievements last year in local or international arena. 

LSS Award Felicitation 2015

Written by Sanduni Premaratne.

LSS award is an honorary distinction given to a selected graduate from each batch, specializing in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. LSS stands for Leadership, Service and Scholaship. Exemplary character, responsible leadership, service in university or community life, superior scholarship and intelligence, genuine fellowship and loyalty to democratic ideals are accounted as qualifications for LSS award. The award winners will belong to the 'LSS Honor Society' whose membership will be a mark of highest distinction.

The awarding commenced from 2013 when Dulini Mendis of 2007 batch was recognized with this prestigious title. Since then the award has continued with the sponsorship from Millennium IT and each year at the Expose Forum; the flagship event of the department where the academia, the industry and the undergraduates meet on one platform, the award is handed over to the best among the chosen candidates. And last year, at Expose Forum 2014 Hasitha Sandeepa Edirisinghe emerged as the winner.

Sandamali Devadithya receiving the LSS Award

At Expose Forum 2015 held on Thursday 19th February, there were three nominations for the award, out of which Sandamali Devadithya was honored with this prestigious award from the hands of the Chancellor of University of Moratuwa, Vidya Jothi Professor K.K.Y.W. Perera. She has graduated with a GPA of 3.97 out of 4.2 and has done a Research publication along with Tharindu Adikari, Sanjaya Bandara, Chethana Dharmawardane and Dr. Chandika Wavegedara. Among the many extracurricular activities she has contributed to, being the Director of Public Relations and the Editor of the Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa, being the co-founder of Sri Lanka Robotics Challenge, can be mentioned as the most prominent. Furthermore she has actively contributed to the department and other societal bodies as a student representative, a public speaker, a compere and an article writer.

The other two nominated candidates were, Udari de Alwis; Chairperson of WIE affinity group of University of Moratuwa for the year 2013/2014, Captain of women's rowing team, and Janitha Rupasena; Winner of Kavitha 2014 Best Commedian competition, active member of LEO club of University of Moratuwa and the founder of "Abhina" - the department's talent show.

We heartily congratulate Sandamali Devadithya on her achievement and wish her the best for her future endeavours.

E-Forum 2015

Written by Anupama Mampage.

The Expose forum (E-Forum) 2015, organized by the E-Club, the official student body of the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Moratuwa, is now all set to be held with much grandeur at the BMICH on the 19th of February from 5.30 P.M onwards. This event is currently recognized as the prime annual event of the department where the main focus is on enhancing industry interactions of the undergraduates and the academics. It is therefore a highly viable platform for all the three sectors, the industry, the academia and the future graduates of the department to involve in a lively conversation aimed towards a friendlier collaboration with each other in the future to come.

The industry experts take this opportunity to share their much valuable real world experiences with the undergraduates who are to enter the business world once they graduate a few years down the line. It is also a rare chance for them to get an early insight of the caliber of our undergraduates while it is also the best exposure we, as students can have as to the level of expectation laid on us by the experts in the field. The university academics, through the panel discussion will gather an understanding of the overall knowledge base required of their students which in turn will be incorporated to the learning process of the undergraduates in the coming years.

Every year, the E-Forum elaborates on a few key areas, identified to have a high potential, as the main focus points. This years’ core areas being,

Biomedical Engineering- This has recently been identified as a highly prospective area in the technology arena in which the department has invested already for R&D activities. Also this has been newly introduced as a sub-department in the Department Electronic and telecommunication Engineering, which has already received much enthusiasm form the students.

Internet of things- The idea of a globally interconnected continuum of devices, objects and things in general has created much hype in the R&D sector and academia.

Robotics (UAV) - The department quite recently launched its newest member to the field which gained much appreciation island wide and also a research lab dedicated for UAV development is now open in the department.      

Semiconductor intellectual property- Semiconductor IP is a business model where a designer licenses its technology to a customer as intellectual property. The department has invested heavily on SIP development in recent years.  


The E-Forum also provides a platform for the undergraduates to showcase their best final year projects which manifest the level of cutting edge technology used by our students to the wider community. Also this is a stage for appreciating students who have exceled in academic as well as extracurricular activities.

And thus it is our expectation that this year’s event will bear witness to yet another fruitful and informative forum which is sure to strengthen the bonds with the industry towards a better and a healthier relationship with mutual understanding.

ICIAFS 2014- Best Paper Awards

Written by Anupama Mampage.

The 7th International Conference on Information and Automation for Sustainability (ICIAFS) was held recently from the 22nd to 24th of December 2014 in Colombo with all its splendor. This a global forum for researchers, engineers and practitioners of various professions to present their research findings over a long period of time to an erudite audience and also for the attendees to share their views and ideas and also to sharpen their knowledge bases.

The all-time core theme addressed by ICIAfS is “Sustainable Development through Effective Man-machine Co-existence” and the scope presented for each year will rally around this basic idea. The theme for this year was “Sharpening the future with sustainable technology”, which aimed to cover the following topics, namely, “Robotics, automation and control”, “Solid state drives and control”, “Power and energy systems for sustainable development”, “Sustainable systems in disaster management, welfare, and rehabilitation”, “Nano technology for sustainable development”, “Information and communication technology” and “Intelligent machines and man-machine co-existence”.

This year the conference held immense importance for us as two papers presented by participants from our university won the best paper award under two categories. The theory, “Novel Enhancements for Node Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks”, proposed by Samiru Gayan and Professor Dileeka Dias clinched the prestigious award under the category of “Information and communication Technology” while the paper presented by A.L. Hettiarachchi, N.G.H.O. Thathsarani, P.U. Wickramasinghe, D.S. Wickramasuriya and R. Rodrigo, named “Extensible Video Surveillance Software with Simultaneous Event Detection for Low and High Density Crowd Analysis" won the award under the track of “Intelligent machines and man-machine co-existence”.