Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


“CeyHawk” an unmanned Aerial Vehicle by UAV research lab wins a Gold medal at Sahasak Nimavum

One of the prestigious outcome of the sedulous research effort by Department of Electronics and Telecommunication UAV research lab “CeyHawk”, an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) won the gold medal at the Sahasak Nimavum 2017, the National Invention Exhibition organized by the Sri Lanka Inventors' Commission (SLIC) held on 26, 27 and 28 of September at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre in Colombo under Engineering sub category under commercialize category.

CeyHawk, member of the family of UAVs designed by UAV research lab of Department Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, is the successor of RAVAN, the first UAV designed in Sri Lanka. It is a result of continuous research effort by UAV research lab to design and manufacture cost effective UAVs, under the supervision of Prof Rohan Munasinghe, to promote the use of UAVs in surveying, disaster management and other sectors in Sri Lanka where they could be used efficiently and effectively.

Members of research group

Figure: Winning members of research group