Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


Locally Developed Drones for Updating Maps of Sri Lanka

Written by Damith Kandage.

A team from Survey Department together with the UAV Research Lab and the Future Drones start-up teams at the Dept. of Electronic and Telecom Engineering conducted a pilot project to test the aerial surveying accuracy of the locally-build drones. Survey Department established 14 ground control points within the University at no cost, and Future Drones did the aerial surveying using the CeyTwin drone equipped with RTK (Real-time Kinematic) GPS tagging, which gave 4cm geo referencing accuracy in aerial surveying.

Surveyor General and an elite team later visited the UAV research lab and Future Drones and congratulated for achieving more than adequate geo referencing accuracy with the locally build drones. Also agreed to make a mechanism to use the drone technology developed at the University of Moratuwa and its start-up Future Drones for national level aerial mapping.

Sri Lanka has 50,000 square kilometres of maps which are old and to be updated, which is only possible with the cost-effective locally developed drone technology.


Fig.1: ENTC, Future Drones, and Survey Dept. team establishing a ground control point near the Dept. of Electronic and Telecommunication engineering


Fig.2: CeyTwin Drone developed with RTK GPS