Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering

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Deshya Wijedundera '10

After passing the Advanced Level examination with 3 As in the Mathematics Stream my obvious choice without doubt was to pursue Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Moratuwa. Now 7 years down the line, it has only been proven that it was the best decision I could have made.

The highly competitive environment the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering provides, challenges the student’s ability and intelligence providing ample opportunity for academic excellence. The academic staff is co-operative, friendly and extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields. Due to the rapport the department maintains with the industry the students also get the opportunity of interacting and working with the industry, providing the much valuable hands on experience. This is something which is very valuable in a field like Engineering and would help fast track your career once you pass out.

Not only does the Department offer an excellent academic experience but there are so many co-curricular activities that students could get involved in. Sports, societies, professional organizations what not! The Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Moratuwa I would say is indeed the best choice for Electronics Engineering and Communications Engineering education in Sri Lanka, considering the opportunities that exist which surpass anything that other universities in the country could offer.

Thusitha Chandrapala '12

At the very beginning, when I entered the University of Mortuwa, I had a clear plan to enter into the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. The reason behind was that ENTC is the pathway towards many interesting advanced engineering fields such as Communications, Biomedical, Signal processing, Machine learning. 

Once selected to the department there were many advantages. We were guided by a set of well qualified and competent staff members. Research and industry oriented atmosphere was always there, which is adaptive to the current environment. The curriculum was also interesting and challenging and focused on building up on the mathematical and computational skills. One of the key factors was the industry collaboration which provides the students with unique opportunities to work in research environments within their study period (Zone24x7, Dialog and Biomedical Engineering Labs).

I’m currently a PhD student focusing on Computational neuroscience. I worked at Zone 24x7 as an intern and after graduation. I studied at Royal College, Colombo before entering the University of Moratuwa.

Pallavi Sivakumaran '08

I chose the Department because I had enjoyed the brief exposure to electronics that I received both during the A Levels and as first year students at the University. The fact that the Department of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering had a good reputation among students also contributed to my decision.

The best things about the Department of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering:

The course content: The modules offered by the Department cover a fairly wide range of subjects, which enables students to branch out and specialize in a variety of fields after they graduate.

Examining rigour for final project: This is probably the most unusual thing for a past student to say... that it’s a good thing that the Department is so strict about project quality and marking! But the fact that every aspect of the final year project is questioned enables students to look at all the different angles and prepare for every contingency in other projects as well.

Transferable skills: At the Department of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering, it was much more than just academic learning that students gained. The Department fosters skills such as analytical abilities, creative thinking, and attention to detail, which are applicable to any industry.

Employability and options for higher studies: The engineering degree from UoM, and the Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering specialization in particular, is highly sought after by employers in Sri Lanka (we were offered and able to secure positions even before we completed our degree) and is also well-recognized by overseas universities.

Whether you're planning on working in the telecommunications industry, in academia, or in any other industry (for example, in a managerial capacity) following your undergraduate degree, you will find that the skills that you gain from the Department of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering will serve you really well.


Dr. S R K Branavan Visits the Department

Dr. S R K Branavan an alumnus of the Department and Massachusetts Institute of Technology gave a talk on the application of natural language processing techniques.

Life at ENTC

The students walking down the corridors at the department can always be seen with a smile on their faces, for the life at ENTC is an enjoyable experience for all. At the department we teach the students to balance their academics with many other activities, paving the path to be well groomed professionals in the near future. 

Throughout the year, the department is filled with music, drama, adventures and laughter. Of course the students have to adhere to the strict rules in laboratories and lecture halls, but outside that boundary, many are the activities the students organize and take part in.

One big family

Everybody at the department is a part of one big family. The freshmen and the seniors are best friends. The staff and the students are friendly. No student will ever feel alone or troubled at the department. The students always help each other and the members of the staff are ever ready to guide the inexperienced.

Adventures and Trips

The students never miss a chance to go out on an adventure or an outing. Sri Lanka being a country full of culture, heritage, history and natural beauty the places to visit are endless. It is currently a trend of the students to hike and conquer the many mountains in the country and to go on camping trips. The thirst for adventures among the students makes their memory albums at the department more and more colourful.

Music and Drama 

Many activities are held throughout the year bringing music into the department. The students in spite of their high academic performances, own much talent in acting, singing and playing instruments. All these hidden talents are showcased at these festive occasions. 

It’s not just the department activities, the students actively take part in. University of Moratuwa is the home of a number of sports and various clubs and organizations. The students take part in these activities, balancing their academic work and strengthening their characters.